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"We are currently living through a mass extinction event, and are entering a period of climate change which will cause countless people to be killed or displaced, and affect every ecosystem on the planet. Most of us know this, but we push it away, focusing on the everyday and immediate concerns of our own lives. But some of us feel it deeply, and it won’t go away."





This exhibition features paintings made within the last 9 months, which suggest an embracing of feminine qualities (and the death of toxic masculinity) as the route toward a rapprochement between humans and 'nature'. 






Click here to read the full article which accompanies the exhibition, with further images. 

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Mercer Chance is proud to present an exhibition of new work by Nikki Gardham.



Buoyed by a renewed freedom in her painting, Nikki has produced an exciting and exuberant collection of large works on paper, elevating autobiographical vignettes into grand monuments to everyday life.




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